Whatever you enjoy doing you'll find something to interest you in Golden Bay. Catch a salmon or go sea fishing, ride a horse or take a scenic flight across the beautiful Kahurangi National Park, or just relax on one of our beautiful beaches with a good book.

In Takaka you will find the Information Site on your left, across from Fresh Choice Supermarket when you first enter town from the south.  Kikorangi Cottage also contains a folder with information, brochures and maps on Golden Bay.

Golden Bay is all about the outdoors - with so much variety packed into one small area.  The further west you travel the wilder the nature becomes.  The winds are stronger, the rain more frequent, the mountains taller, the seas rougher, and the scenery ever more spectacular.  Heading East towards the top of Abel Tasman National Park the sunshine hours increase, the ocean is calmer, the wind kinder - and the scenery equally spectacular, but completely different.

Golden Bay is blessed with an abundance of seriously good artists, passionate environmentalists, green thumbs selling their wonders at roadside stalls, creative cafe's, and an undefinable "something" that is sure to put a smile on your face and unforgettable memories in your photo album. Here are some of ours.

Here are two videos which show Golden Bay at its best.